Noblr partnered with Deutsch LA to help them launch their new insurance company to the world. Noblr is a new type of insurance company, that looks to save you money simply by being a good driver. Our challenge was to create a segmentation that established the identity and market potential of core customers.


The Situation

Unlike traditional insurance companies that interact with policyholders only when bad stuff happens, NOBLR offers a new kind of relationship, creating an optimistic reason for policyholders to engage. 

But, Noblr is not alone…

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There are other usage-based insurance offerings populated by “pure-plays” and established majors.


The Landscape

We found that most competitors landed somewhere on five spectrums. They all serve as examples of expressing strategic position through UI marketing.

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Our Goal

Establish the identity and market potential of core customers

  1. Qualify how they define fairness

  2. Assess the value of the reciprocal exchange as a key differentiator

  3. Articulate a brand position that’s own-able

  4. Frame good driving behaviors as clear, relevant and motivating 

  5. Create a customer-by-customer message matrix

  6. Propose concepts for engaging early adopters and influencers


Our Hypothesis of Features of The Target Audience

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People proud have already earned the right to be considered  good drivers.

People who don’t want to subsidize high-risk drivers.


People who consciously want to drive more safely/responsibly. 

People who want to save money for other things they care about.

Good citizens

People motivated to do good… “be better for each other”… “to  make our roads safer for everyone”

People who vote with their wallets and are committed to the products they use.


People who like the idea of being “in community” with like-minded members having shared values.

People who regulate each other because they’re invested in the benefits of membership.


Our Solution

Early adopters will be drawn to our technology. We want them to be equally confident in our brand idea and service levels. People will get bored once the novelty of interacting with telematics wears off. How do we keep them engaged?

Once a policyholder discovers her “set point”, what will sustain her loyalty over time?

Over time we have to prove ourselves in these areas to sustain loyalty. 

1. We must get our app to a point where it's more of a companion and coach (e.g. telling me safer routes to take, rewarding me when I achieve goals).

2. Need to drive social and viral behaviors, and app sharing

3. “Set point”— the reference point around which price stability is found. It drives retentions and lifetime value.


The Results

TBD. Currently still in research and development.