Esurance: Creating the Future of Insurance



Deutsch LA worked side-by-side with Esurance to build a new digital experience that reinvents itself in the evolving insurance category. With a rise in insurtech companies, the once dominating industry leader, Esurance didn’t want to to be left behind. So, we built a future experience that will become a one-stop-shop for all of ones insurance needs, offering a service to help people manage and navigate all aspects of their insurance. When launched, it will be a uniquely personalized platform, providing complete transparency, convenience, and simplicity. We worked with Esurance to create a place where everyone can get solutions that meet their unique needs, help them feel listened to, cared for and understood.

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Our Strategy

Today customers expect every company to be at their service but Esurance no longer defines the best practices for digital customer engagement. This allowed us to leverage an opportunity to re-establish our position as ‘Insurance for the Modern World’. Our white space is where essential values like trust and stability meet new best practices for digital customer engagement. Our end goal is to create Insurance Powered by Empathy.


Areas Of Exploration

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The Result

TBD. Safespace is a future product currently in the making.